At Kempa & Company, CPAs, LLP we strive to minimize your tax burden, maximize your wealth and lower or eliminate your anxiety regarding finances. Here are a few testimonials:

I retained the team at MDcpas.com after I had received my business & personal returns with unexpected large balances due. These returns were suspect, because it was during a year that I made significant capital investments in my practice, both in the way of real estate and state-of-the-art equipment. They gathered and reviewed my information, prepared amended returns, and I actually received a $35,000 REFUND! The professionals at MDcpas.com saved me $100,000! - 12 employees, Orthodontics

I started using the firm during my residency period. They guided me from working per diem, to ultimately successfully purchasing a million dollar cosmetic dentistry practice. Their counseling during the closing process was invaluable and their advice saved me tens of thousands above what I paid them. - 10 employees, Cosmetic Dental Practice

There are very few people in my life that actually make things easier for me, and you are one of them! - 50 employees, Ophthalmology

My relationship with Glenn began as a friendship and then blossomed into a business one. Fifteen years later, I have never paid a dollar in penalties, have had great financial and tax advice; and at the age of 47, could probably retire now, if I wanted to. - 7 employees, Urology

They came in at a time when business was taking a downturn and we had numerous tax issues. They helped us find new niches, helped us resolve our tax issues and reduced our fees at the same time. Thank You! - 12 employees, Homecare & Enteral Feeding

I have been a business client of Glenn’s for twenty years and am now pleasantly retired. Throughout our relationship, all of the bases were covered. I had made great investments in real estate, did very well with life insurance policies, had a good retirement plan in place and had a disability policy which unfortunately, I had to use due to a hereditary disease, but was glad I had it in place. I am today a very wealthy man and I give a lot of that credit, to my relationship with Glenn. - 15 employees, Pharmacy

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